Quizzer is a buzzer lock-out system for playing quiz games like game shows and Jeopardy. When all the buttons is pressed the Quizzer calculates the pressing order and shows the winner, no 2, no 3 and last. There is also a reset button for the moderator to "clear the board". Each of the buttons have it's own sound and colors and are connected to the Quiz-box through a 5m cable. The answer buzzers can be disconnected and used as "stand lone" if powered with 2 AAA batteries.

The pressing order is shown as this:

Winner: Constant light
Second: Fast blinking
Third: Slow blinking
Fourth: Really slow blinking



Product specification
Players 1 - 4
Reaction time 200 microseconds
Cable length 5 meter x 4
Sounds Siren, charge, laser and buzzer
Batteries 2 x AAA (not included)
Mains adapter 12V 1A