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Welcome to Swetronic

Swetronic is a company focused on new innovations. Swetronic can deliver new hardware and software products with an expertise in both analog and digital designs. Swetronic can also offer services in schematic drawing, designing circuit board, overlay membrane switches and graphical designs..


Swetronic has the following proprietary products for sale

  • Cable finder for robotic lawnmowers
    This is a vital tool for locating the lawnmower perimeter cable
    The cable detector can sense the cable from 50 cm away and pinpoint it within 2 mm.
  • Engine heater cable alarm
    The heater cable alarm save you from destroying the heater cable when you forget that you have it attached.
  • Quizzer
    Quizzer is a buzzer lock-out system for playing quiz games.

Research and development

Swetronic is working on private research and development in the following areas.

  • Aids for blinds
    Haptic feedback with piezo elements, White Cane with laser rangefinder
  • Mobile / Smartphone's
    Focus navigation in menus with Fresnel mirror lenses and eye positions measurements.
  • The construction sector
    Hole centering tool for holesaws and drilling.