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Night Duel

The Night Duel is a game from the swedish TV-program called "Master of masters". The game rules are simple, one press on the buttom and the game starts by turning all the rods on. After 10-20 seconds one rods goes dark. The first one to grab it wins!

Cable detector

This is probably the best tool you can use if you need to move the robot lawn mower perimeter cable. The cable sensor can sense the cable from 50 cm away and pinpoint it within 2 mm. If you have used pegs to attach the cable on top of the lawn you will find it buried 1 - 4 cm after 1 year. The cable sensor uses two different sounds, one for inside of perimeter cable and one for outside.

Cable alarm

The cable alarm saves you from destroying the heater cable when you forget that you have it attached while driving away with you car. The cable alarm senses if the car starts to move and (if the cable is attached) alerts you with a loud warning signal. The alarm has an unique way to detect the cable and to sense if the car is moving. It is equipped with a battery so that it works even if the power is off.


Quizzer is a buzzer lock-out system for playing quiz games like game shows and Jeopardy. When the buttons is pressed, Quizzer calculates the pressing order and shows it on the LED's.